Exclusive high-end apartments in London

Step 1
Find your favorite property at Berkeley Yards

Either you come to London for work or study, you will find properties that only Berkeley Yards could offer.

Step 2
Free lettings consultation

The experienced team at Berkeley Yards is composed of professional lettings consultants based in London. They will guide you through online or on-site viewings.

Step 3
Make an offer

You may pay a deposit (equivalent to rent for a week) in order to make an offer. It secures the property while we communicate with landlord about your needs.

Step 4
Offer Agreed

When landlord agrees to your offer, Berkeley Yards will prepare the following:

  • Send you Offer Confirmation for signature
  • Conduct reference check if you wish to pay rents monthly
  • Prepare Tenancy Agreement
  • Collect your documents and ID
  • Conduct Right to Rent check
Step 5
Sign Tenancy Agreement

Berkeley Yards will send you the Tenancy Agreement. You can sign online.

Step 6
Pay move-in funds

Please pay move-in funds (usually includes the first rent payment) according to the amount and date specified on Offer Confirmation. Doing so will grant your check-in

Step 7

Given the move-in funds arrives on time, you will be able to check-in after 12pm on the tenancy start date. Berkeley Yards looks forward to seeing you in London!