Property Buying Process

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Berkeley Yards offer a one-stop property investment service. Beyond finding your house, we help you with mortgage, solicitor, property management, and sell.


Berkeley Yards deals with more than 50 developments in the UK, maintaining a close tie with major developers including Berkeley Group, Mount Anvil, Barratt Homes, and Taylor Wimpey.

Reserve your property

Once we find you the home we are happy to help you out with the finances etc. You can reserve the property by paying a deposit fee to the developer.

The deposit fees may vary from £500 to £5000 and this will reserve the property for the clinet for 28 days. Within this time the developer would expect to exchange the contracts. The deposit price what has been paid would be deducted from the final price of the property

Appoint a conveyancing solicitor

In any of the property purchase a conveyancing solicitor plays a very important role and that is why he should handle the whole deal just to make sure that the contracts are properly arranged and communicated properly.

The main responsibility of the solicitor is to make sure that whole purchase process go smooth and there are no hurdles.

Prepare Contract

The Solicitor of the Development side will share you the contract which you can go through and then your solicitor will send it back.



Pay the deposit

The deposit of 10 % would be required . You will pay the amount to your solicitor and eventually he will transfer the funds to the developers solicitor on your behalf. You might need to pay the land registry fees at this time.

Exchange contracts

In the 28 days both the parties will exchange the contracts. Your solicitor will exchange the contracts and will ask you to exchange the contracts. Yourconveyancing solicitor will check all documentation and ask you to sign the paperwork.


Second payment

Your solicitor will remind you to pay the second amount of funds. Please transfer the funds to your conveyancing solicitor according to the date in contract.



Mortgage (Recommended)

Please apply mortgage 3-6 months before the handover.Berkeley Yards can introduce you with banks and mortgage brokers.


Completion and handover

Developer and your conveyancing solicitor will inform you the time of completion, meanwhile you will have to prepare the rest of funds (cash or mortgage). Berkeley Yards can handle the handover on behalf of you.