AIDA Oceana Muscat- Oman

Experience the essence of AIDA, an exclusive residential enclave situated in the heart of Muscat, Oman. Perched atop hills that rise 130 meters above the coastline, AIDA presents an idyllic way of life that harmonizes opulence and coziness with the allure of the natural world. Whether you’re in search of a family abode or a tranquil retreat from the commotion of urban existence, AIDA provides an impeccable fusion of elegance, utility, and tranquility.

Discover meticulously crafted architectural layouts at AIDA, offering villas and mansions ranging from 3 to 7 bedrooms that seamlessly amalgamate contemporary design with enduring artistry. The capacious and sunlit interiors afford sweeping vistas of the ocean and cliffs, delivering a holistic living encounter that enables inhabitants to forge a connection with their environment. The indoor ambiance establishes a one-of-a-kind feeling of ease and repose, presenting an impeccable amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality.

AIDA represents a complete way of life and goes beyond just residential living.
Every individual fortunate enough to call AIDA home will be granted a coveted social membership to the esteemed Trump Clubhouse. Here, a realm of 5-star amenities, delectable culinary experiences, and a vibrant social schedule awaits their indulgence. The Clubhouse stands as an impeccable retreat, tailored for families in pursuit of seclusion and distinction. Furthermore, AIDA residents can avail themselves of an array of amenities and features, which encompass:

Gated community
24h Security

Plazas, Cafes

Trump International
Golf Club Oman

Hiking trail and Mountain bike
Running trail

Beach Access
Swimming Pool

Clubhouse, Wellness centers

Luxury hotels

Fitness center

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AIDA Oceana Overview

AIDA ensures a continuous array of leisure options, set amidst breathtaking natural surroundings. These encompass awe-inspiring natural vistas, ranging from expansive open spaces and waterfronts to rugged canyons and renowned spots such as the Shangri-La Resort, as well as the splendid beaches of Yiti and Yenkit.

AIDA benefits from an advantageous location, providing access to the best of both worlds. Just a brief 20-minute journey from downtown Muscat, you can access top-tier shopping, dining, and entertainment. Moreover, AIDA conveniently sits in proximity to numerous well-known landmarks, including Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Yiti Beach, Yenkit Beach, Marina Sustainable City, Shangri-La Hike, Muscat Bay, Jumeirah Muscat, Shangri-La Resort, Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton, and Downtown Muscat. Muscat International Airport is a mere 25-minute drive away.

Opting for an investment in AIDA is a wise decision for those in pursuit of a lavish lifestyle characterized by seclusion, exclusivity, and a connection to nature. To facilitate the investment process for your dream abode, AIDA offers a versatile payment plan allowing gradual payment.

AIDA presents an ideal haven to call home. With its exceptional locale, opulent amenities, and meticulously crafted residences, AIDA provides a way of life that stands unparalleled. Seize the exceptional chance to possess a slice of paradise in Muscat, Oman – an opportunity that won’t come around again.

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