What type of tenants are you looking for?

Long let

Tenants for 12 months+ For long-term secure income Tenants and property managed by you

Managed Long Let

Tenants for 12 months+ One-stop all inclusive management Experienced management team

Management Only

Experienced management team One-stop all-inclusive service Furnishing & Refurbishment solutions



Find Trustworthy Tenants

Best-in-class marketing that makes your property stand out

  • Professional photographer to take pictures of property
  • Collaborate with HR of multi-national companies, some properties booked without marketing
  • Conduct reference check on tenants through trusted independent bodies
  • Professional inventory report at the beginning and the end of tenancy

Among The Best Property Managers in London

From daily maintenance to refurbishment, with occupying tenants or not, our management team takes care of your property with a good heart.

Regular Inspection
  • Annual safety checks
  • Annual property inspections
  • Pay bills on behalf of landlords including ground rent and service charge
  • Collect rent payment and transfer to landlord
House maintenance

We have a reliable professional team composed of experienced members who travel around London every day to solve your problems quickly and professionally.