Buy and Sell

Best price, Quickest time and Least hassle

At Berkeley Yards, our professional team brings expertise from top international investment banks and consulting firms. With strong connections to leading solicitors and accountants, we ensure you’re in good hands. Trust us for a seamless property experience.

Buying Process

Step 1
Contact Berkeley Yards for professional consultancy

We offer a one-stop property investment service. Beyond finding your house, we help you with mortgage, solicitor, property management, and sell.

Step 2

Berkeley Yards more than 200 developments in the UK, maintaining a close tie with major developers including Berkeley Group, Mount Anvil, Barratt Homes, and Taylor Wimpey.

Step 3
Reserve your property

Once you’ve found a home you’re happy with and sorted out your finances, you can secure the property by paying the developer a reservation fee.

This fee can range from £500 to £2,000 and will reserve the home for a 28-day period. During this time, the developer will expect to exchange contracts. Once the purchase completes, the developer will deduct the reservation fee from the final price.

Step 4
Appoint a conveyancing solicitor

As with any house purchase, there are legal points that only a qualified expert such as a conveyancing solicitor should handle, to ensure that the contracts aren’t working against you in any way.

Your conveyancing solicitor will do a number of things to make sure you’re protected and the purchase can go ahead without any problems.

Step 5
Prepare Contract

Developer solicitor will send the contract to your conveyancing solicitor, who will proofread and in turn send to you for a review.

Step 6
Pay the deposit

The deposit will be 10% of the total property price. You will pay the funds to your conveyancing solicitor, who will transfer them to the developer’s solicitor on your behalf. You may also pay Land registry fees and 50% of solicitor fee at this stage

Step 7
Exchange contracts

You will have 28 days to exchange contracts. Your conveyancing solicitor will check all documentation and ask you to sign the paperwork.

Step 8
Second payment

Your solicitor will remind you to pay the second amount of funds. Please transfer the funds to your conveyancing solicitor according to the date in contract.

Step 9
Mortgage (Recommended)

Please apply mortgage 3-6 months before the handover. Berkeley Yards can introduce you with banks and mortgage brokers.

Step 10
Completion and handover

Developer and your conveyancing solicitor will inform you the time of completion, meanwhile you will have to prepare the rest of funds (cash or mortgage).Berkeley Yards can handle the handover on behalf of you.

Step 11
Property management by Berkeley Yards(highly recommended)

From daily maintenance to refurbishment, with occupying tenants or not, our property management team will take care of your property with a good heart.